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1. Respect every person, because Christ lives in him. Be sensitive to other people, your brothers and sisters.

2. Think well of everyone - do not think badly about anyone. Try to find, even in the worst, something good.

3. Always speak kindly of others - do not speak badly about your neighbors. Repair the harm done with words. Do not create discord between people.

4. Speak to each person with the language of love. Do not raise your voice. Do not swear. Do not hurt anyone. Do not provoke tears. Be reassuring and show goodness.

5. Forgive everything, everyone. Do not keep resentment in your heart. Always be the first to reach out your hand for an agreement.

6. Always act in favor of your neighbor. Do unto all people as you would wish to have done unto you. Do not think about what others owe you but what you owe to others.

7. Actively sympathize in suffering. Eagerly hasten with comfort, advice, help, heart.

8. Work honestly, because the fruit of your work is used by others, just as you benefit from the work of others.

9. Get involved in social assistance rendered to your neighbors. Open up to the poor and the sick. Be generous with what is yours. Try to see the needy around you.

10. Pray for everyone, even for your enemies.