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Klara Nagnioszewska’s suicide

tragedy, by C.K.N


You wouldn’t recognize the same (Miss Klara Nagnioszewska) when she was taking a knife in her hand and wanted to kill herself – the knife known in the kitchen… She was locking herself in the dark tiny room – everybody started to fear –they tried to charm her – they are calling the Bursar – they are calling Wicuś the kitchen boy, whom the suicide-almost-victim liked – Bursar is shouting the spell into the keyhole – Wicuś is thinking what to do?… All seems to be in vain!…

…Some etymologists claim that the name “Wicuś” comes from “knowing something” (pol. wie-cóś) – and the hope lies in the name itself!

– in order to know something
– so we see what’s next

They are calling (they are talking to) the Bursar and the kitchen boy –
The Bursar is throwing a spell into the keyhole

Wicuś is thinking …

Suddenly even Wicuć starts calling out: “My lady! The knife is needed in the kitchen – we have to kill the piglet – and roast it stuffed – and you, my lady, will be hungry after this manifestation ends!” –

And then, the door is squeaking and Nagnioszewska is saying:

“To him, and only to him I give the weapon!”