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What did “vision” mean to him?

What does “vision” mean to you?

What did he think of his enemies? How did he advise dealing with them?

Did he enjoy returning to the places of his childhood?

What did he think about lying/liars?

Did he have any friends?

How did he spend his free time?

What type of literature did he like to read?

Did he like to travel?

The farthest places on the map he visited in relation to his country of birth.

What was his attitude to nature?

Was there anyone in his life he could call his muse?

Did he say anything about dreams in his art?

Did he wear a hat?

Did he have any animals of his own?

What foreign languages was he fluent in?

Can we distinguish the most important events in his biography?

What questions did he leave us with?

What did he pay attention to when describing the world?

What inventions/technical innovations were contemporary to him?

How did he make a living?

What is left of him?

What question would you like to ask him/her if you could?

What feelings does he evoke in you (curiosity, liking, dislike, indifference…)?

What did he think about pain?

What inspired and  drove him?

How do we perceive him? How do we see the world „through” him, through his eyes?

What was his attitude toward illness (his or his loved ones)?