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  • Dolce far niente – sweet indolence. Design a mind map of 10 words that you associate with “sweet indolence”.
  • Can “sweet indolence” be a form of work?
  • Is the portrayed artist just resting?
  • How do you rest and how do you work
  • How is the poet dressed?
  • What is he supporting himself with?
  • What is he standing on?
  • What is in his surroundings?
  • Can you read the inscriptions?
  • Was Poland a country at that time? Can you find Poland of the world map at that time (1857). Look for information about the fate of Poland in 19th century.

Sources of figures: National Library (, signatures: II 248.278 (Dolce far niente), R.19285 (Ipse ipsum 1857).