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Always act in favor of your neighbor.

Do unto all people as you would wish to have done unto you.

Do not think about what others owe you but what you owe to others.


Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński, Primate of Poland, in his pastoral letter for Lent in 1967, proclaimed the Social Crusade of Love. It is an invitation to act with love at home, at work, among friends, on vacation, everywhere.

We invite you to look for pictures, images and visuals and  in the public space, which today – when more than 60 years passed – could illustrate the message of the Primate, testifying to its timeliness.

title: Girl with a watering can
location: Białystok, Józef Piłsudski 11/4
year of creation: 2013
author: Natalia Rak

The mural was created as part of the ‘Folk on the Street’ project, organised by the Provincial Centre for Culture Animation.

 It was inspired by the legend of the giants from the study by Wojciech Załęski entitled “Hecz, precz, stał się rzecz. Extracted from the chest of memory”.