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Respect every person, because Christ lives in him.

Be sensitive to other people, your brothers and sisters.

Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński, Primate of Poland, in his pastoral letter for Lent in 1967, proclaimed the Social Crusade of Love. It is an invitation to act with love at home, at work, among friends, on vacation, everywhere.

We invite you to look for pictures, images and visuals and  in the public space, which today – when more than 60 years passed – could illustrate the message of the Primate, testifying to its timeliness.

title: Woman in a Mask
location: Białystok, Batalionów Chłopskich 1
year of creation: 2013 r.
Authors: Anna Kitlas (Poland), Francesco Cherkos (Italy)

The mural was created at the initiative of Association of Normal Białystok, promoting multiculturalism in the city. It depicts a dark-skinned woman taking off the mask from her face. Next to the portrait there is a quotation from Kazimierz Przerwy-Tetmajer: People are equal, only inequality divides them.