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Get involved in social assistance rendered to your neighbors.

Open up to the poor and the sick.

Be generous with what is yours.

Try to see the needy around you.

Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński, Primate of Poland, in his pastoral letter for Lent in 1967, proclaimed the Social Crusade of Love. It is an invitation to act with love at home, at work, among friends, on vacation, everywhere.

We invite you to look for pictures, images and visuals and  in the public space, which today – when more than 60 years passed – could illustrate the message of the Primate, testifying to its timeliness.

project title: Change perspective
localization: Warsaw, Górczewska 141
year of creation: 2019
author: Mariusz Libel (Poland)

The mural was created in 2019 on the initiative of the Centre for Thought of John Paul II. It refers to a World War II photograph showing the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto and St. Augustine’s Church and the words “Love your neighbor as yourself”. It is meant to encourage reflection on selfishness.